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Monday, March 9, 2015

Credit Bureaus Now Accepting Proof To Dispute Credit Errors

In news that will be sure to change the game, the credit bureaus have agreed to some of the following overhauls,
The credit-reporting firms will be required to use trained employees to review the documentation consumers submit when they believe there is an error in their files. If a creditor says its information is correct, an employee at the credit-reporting firm must still look into it and resolve the dispute. Source
Previously, credit bureaus would just enter a three digit code and contact the creditor. They wouldn't look at any documentation sent, even if it was the creditor that said it was an error (60 Minutes Story on this very scenario).  This new agreement changes that.

Another change will be coming to unpaid medical bills which is undoubtedly a good thing for consumers.
Unpaid medical bills—an increasingly common type of debt—will also be treated differently on credit reports. Some 43 million Americans have past-due medical debt on their credit reports, according to the CFPB. About 52% of all debt on credit reports is from medical expenses. Collection agencies typically report medical debt to the credit-reporting firms after they receive unpaid bills from hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals. While unpaid bills result from consumers not paying, they can often result when insurance companies delay payments.
Under the new agreement, the credit-reporting firms will have to wait 180 days before adding any medical-debt information to consumers’ credit reports. During that grace period, consumers will also have time to clear up discrepancies and catch up with other unpaid bills. When medical debts are paid by an insurance company, regardless of the time frame, they will have to be removed from the credit report soon after. Source
This no doubt will be a big change in helping consumers across this country. Now it is important that we keep vigilance of the credit bureaus and that they follow these changes.
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